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Why Your Restaurant Needs Digital Gift Cards

Why Your Restaurant Needs Digital Gift Cards

Why Your Restaurant Needs Digital Gift Cards

Today, we’re exploring the benefits of digital restaurant gift cards.

Digital gift cards are now an essential piece of the revenue pie for many restaurants. Plus, customers love the ease and convenience of digital gift cards.

According to a survey by FSR Magazine on restaurant digital gift cards:

  • 56% of customers wanted a gift card from their favorite restaurant
  • 65% of the gift card recipients spend 38% more than the face value of the gift card
  • 44% of consumers said gift cards encourage them to try new restaurants that they would not have visited otherwise.

From data like this, it’s clear digital gift cards are a great way for restaurant owners to increase revenue and entice customers to make a new or return visit.

Let’s dive deeper and explore the 5 key reasons your restaurant needs to offer digital gift cards.

# 1 Increase your revenue

The first and most important reason to offer digital gift cards? Digital restaurant gift cards can immediately boost your restaurant’s revenue.

When a customer purchases a digital restaurant gift card, you immediately experience a quick influx of cash.

During this current state of restaurant operations, with state laws about on-site dining changing almost daily, that kind of income can be critical for keeping the doors open.

# 2 Digital gift cards make great gifts 

Digital restaurant gift cards are also a great idea to implement for your restaurant, because customers love to give digital gift cards as unique presents.

Rather than send flowers or purchase a boring holiday present, digital restaurant gift cards are unique presents that anyone and everyone will love.

“Really, what would you rather get for Christmas: a six-pack of tube socks and a sweater that doesn’t fit, or a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant? If we buy gift certificates, we can help keep restaurants alive, maintain a lifeline for tens of thousands of employees, and knock out all our holiday shopping in just a couple of hours.” said Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times.

Digital restaurant gift cards are truly the gift that anyone – friend, family member, or coworker – will love. 

# 3 Customers love to support their favorite restaurants.

Customers love to support their favorite small, local, and independent restaurants, even beyond the purchase of a favorite meal.

By offering digital gift cards to your restaurant, you offer a way for your customers to support your business in the present and enjoy a great meal in the future.

Restaurants that can tap into their consumer’s desire to support their favorite independent business, beyond breakfast, lunch, or dinner have the chance to see more success, more customer loyalty, and more revenue.

# 4 Capture customer data

Fourth, there’s another benefit to offering digital gift cards for your restaurant. Digital restaurant gift cards help you capture important data on customers, including email addresses.

With the purchase of a digital gift card, you gain invaluable access to a customer’s inbox. With the capture of their email address, you can now reach your customer easily and quickly.

When you have a customer e-mailing list, you can can easily increase your digital marketing efforts by:

  • Sending e-offers, coupons, and promos 
  • Sharing news about your restaurant
  • Highlighting exciting new dishes or menu changes
  • Sending freebies or discounts to loyal customers or on holidays
  • Offering timely information on updated hours or closures

This kind of digital marketing is a cost-efficient way to build your brand and your customer base.

# 5 Boost sales and visits

Finally, there’s one more key reason to offer digital restaurant gift cards. Gift card diners or takeout orderers typically spend more than the amount on their gift card.

In fact, studies have found that a staggering 72% of gift card holders spend more than their gift card total. 

But what if a customer doesn’t spend their entire gift card in one visit or takeout order? That’s still great news! Now, your restaurant is guaranteed a repeat visit in the future.

In short? Digital gift cards are truly a win-win situation for restaurant owners and restaurant customers.

How to start a digital gift card program

Do you want to offer digital gift cards to your restaurant?

Dash can help you set up a digital gift card program quickly and easily.

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