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Promotions & Coupons

Keep them coming back for more.

Promotions and coupons are a sure-fire way to boost sales and profits. Dash helps you strategically time promotions around special occasions, push underperforming or new products, or attract new customers.

Promotions that multitask.

Piggyback on local occasions or national holidays, offer free apps or a prix fixe deal, celebrate a grand opening or seasonal menu item—Dash can easily manage all of your promotions across any location.

You schedule, we manage.

Dash makes launching promotions a breeze. Simply schedule a start and end date, then add discount details and particulars about location, menu items, and timeframes. We’ll do the rest for you.

Share digital coupons whenever.

Give your customers a great reason to dine—send a customized coupon straight to their smartphone.

Measure your success.

Dash also makes it easy to track your promotional activity. Learn which promotions had the biggest impact on your bottom line and harness that success for future efforts

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