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Product Management

Manage thousands of products like magic.

Products are the core of your business. Dash empowers you to manage your products simply and efficiently.

Create products & categories.

Organizing your products starts when you create categories for them, based on how you run your business. It’s simple and quick to create or import all your products. You can include details like name, image, brand, taxes … even modifiers, add-ons, or the ingredients for each product.

Easily import & bulk-edit products.

You can quickly import your full catalog of products from a file or directly from a 3rd-party app like Uber Eats, once your account is connected.

You can also create and edit hundreds of products on the fly. Change your menu prices, kitchen routing, product availability, and more with the click of a button.

Create multi-level modifiers & variants.

Create product variants, like size or flavor, with as many options as you want—up to three levels deep. The Variant function will let you get as detailed as you need with SKU-level tracking and pricing. Enable advanced add-ons, “holds,” and substitutions with multiple control options that are simple to configure as well.

Boost sales with combos.

Make it easy for your customers to buy multiple products at once with combos. Combine and sell whatever you want with minimal setup.

See business clearly with reports & insights.

Gain deep insights into every aspect of your business. Simple metrics like your best selling products are just the tip of the iceberg. From more effective staff management to evaluating your suppliers, easily slice and dice your data for deeper meaning.

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