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Online Ordering

Take your takeout online with an easy-to-manage online menu.

Own your online takeout menu with a Dash-powered ordering site you can build and customize without special training.

Serve up your online takeout menu in 5 clicks.

The Dash online menu is a simple system designed for restaurant professionals. You control every detail of your menu while giving your customers the takeout options they want.

Stop giving away customer data.

When you use 3rd-party takeout ordering systems, they’ve got your customer data. Take control with Dash, skip the high commission fees and keep your customer data to yourself. Get Started

Make multiple menus that manage themselves.

Create as many menus as you like, for any purpose — like seasonal availability and special events — then set them to auto-display based on date and time.Get Started

Notify customers about the status of their order.

Your customers are hungry and want to know where their order is. Automatically notify customers about order status. Build repeat orders and revenue with promo notifications.

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Sell or give away gift cards.

Boost sales or delight customers with gift cards that are easy to use on your Dash-powered online ordering site.

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