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Make every interaction feel special.

Dash brings that human touch to your loyalty efforts, elevating customer engagement with personalized details that create lasting memories.

Smiles all around.

Turn your customers into regulars with a loyalty program that never leaves their side — automatically incentivizing them to visit more, spend more, and share their experiences with friends.

Customize your loyalty program.

Create the loyalty program that works best for your business, with rewards based on a customer’s spend or number of visits with a qualified purchase. Choose rewards from your inventory, or give discounts — you shape how and when patrons earn points and redeem rewards.

Design your custom Loyalty Pass.

It’s easy and intuitive to design your own pass — no special skills required. Have a beautifully branded, customized loyalty program running in a matter of minutes.

A fully digital experience.

With Dash’s loyalty program, your customers can access and be notified of their rewards directly from their phones.

Welcome & incentivize.

Welcome your customers with automated messages when they sign up for loyalty. Encourage them to stay involved with extra points and reminders as they hit reward milestones.

Easy to sign up.

Customers can easily sign up at either the register or through their digital receipt. Once signed up, you simply add them to the sale and their loyalty will be tracked.

Measure results.

Track and understand loyalty trends by location and date, or view trends by individual customer.

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Though normally $99/mo, early-access subscribers only pay $49/mo for the life of their account.

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