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Leverage Your Fast Casual Restaurant’s Online Ordering System

Today, online ordering is a critical component to the success of a restaurant. However, many restaurant owners and operators are confused about exactly how to offer online ordering for their restaurant. 

Additionally, concerns about the cost of implementing an online ordering system can seem overwhelming. Then, there’s the worries about the complexity of the online ordering system or disruptions to kitchen workflow. 

However, an easy-to-use online ordering system is actually one of the simplest, most cost-effective tools restaurant owners and operators have to increase direct orders, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue.

If you’re ready to offer online ordering for your restaurant, this blog will help you:

  • Understand the benefits of online ordering on your restaurant’s website
  • Uncover the true costs of different online ordering systems
  • Get started with an online ordering system

Convenience and ease

After onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, customers relied more than ever on ordering their favorite restaurant meals online. Now, that demand for convenience and ease is here to stay. 

According to QSR Magazine, as of March 2021:

  • Online orders for delivery increased by 140%
  • Online orders for carryout increased 130% 
  • Restaurant online orders increased 124% 

Customers love online ordering because it’s easy, safe, and contactless. Orders can be placed on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop, anytime, anywhere. Plus, online ordering helps customers exert a sense of control over their dining experience.

For restaurant owners and operators, this means offering online ordering is crucial to staying competitive in today’s crowded fast-casual landscape. But, beyond improving customer experience, what are the other benefits to implementing an online ordering system?

Capture and use key customer data

A huge reason to implement an easy-to-use, affordable online ordering system for your restaurant? To capture, analyze, and keep all of your customer’s data. When your restaurant offers online ordering through your own website, you get the chance to track customer data like:

  • Favored times to order
  • Favorite orders
  • Delivery or pickup preferences
  • Contact information like phone, number, email, and loyalty program status

For restaurant owners and operators, this kind of data is vital to maintaining happy, long-term customer relationships. For starters, by collecting and analyzing customer data, restaurant owners and operators have the opportunity to customize offers and deal to individual customers or segments, like “lunch crowd pick-up orders.” 

Personalized marketing tactics, made possible through the capture of customer data, could also include tactics like:

  • Automatically add customers to your e-newsletter list
  • Automatically enroll customers in your digital loyalty program
  • Email promos or coupons to entice a visit or order

It’s important to note that many third-party online ordering systems also capture customer data – but then use that data for their own marketing and promotional services. As a restaurant owner or operator, keeping your customer data is a highly valuable tool to improve your sales.

What does it cost to set up online ordering?

Third-party services like Grubhub, Ubereats, and DoorDash help restaurant owners and operators with online ordering, payment, and delivery. Additionally, adding your restaurant to these nation-wide ordering platforms can create more exposure for your restaurant and help bring in new customers.

However, third-party services exact fees on restaurant owners and operators for all of these conveniences. 

What does Grubhub charge restaurants?

According to the Grubhub website, “Standard Grubhub fees include a 20% marketing fee applied as a percentage of each order received directly through the Grubhub platform, and a 10% delivery fee for restaurants that choose to use our delivery services. Additional credit card and fraud monitoring fees are also applied to credit card orders.”

What does UberEats charge restaurants?

According to the Ubereats website, to add online ordering, “​​You’ll only pay a 2.5% + $0.29 order processing fee. For now, we’re waiving any fees for website maintenance, delivery fulfillment, and order management and support. If your pricing changes, we’ll always let you know ahead of time. Customers pay the same fees they would in the Uber Eats app or website.” Additionally, UberEats charges restaurants 15-30% per delivery or pickup order, depending on where the order was placed. 

What does DoorDash charge restaurants?

According to the DoorDash website,“There is no fee to join the DoorDash App. DoorDash charges a commission rate in order to cover expenses that keep your delivery and pickup business running… Fees also cover credit card processing, 24/7 customer support for you, your customers and Dashers, and marketing campaigns to drive more customers to your business.”

Bottom line? Third-party services can be super convenient for restaurant owners and operators seeking out online ordering options, but you’ll pay for that convenience. 

In fact, some experts estimate that ​​restaurant owners lose up to 25-30% of their profits every single month to third party service fees.

A better solution to online ordering? Implementing an easy-to-use, affordable online ordering system like Dash.

Get started with a direct online ordering system

For restaurant owners and operators, implementing a first-party online ordering system, or offering direct online orders through your website, is a crucial step to making bigger profits and growing your customer base.

By using an affordable system like Dash, online ordering can benefit your restaurantnot exploit your business.

The Dash online menu is a simple system designed for restaurant professionals. You control every detail of your menu while giving your customers the takeout options they want. Even better? It only takes 5 clicks to set up your restaurant’s own online ordering.

If you’re ready to implement an easy-to-use online ordering system at your restaurant, Dash can help. Learn more here.