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How Third Party Services Help Restaurant Owners Boost Profit

Today, consumers want their favorite foods and restaurant meals delivered.

The skyrocketing consumer desire for restaurant delivery, expanded by the limitations of dining in during COVID-19, creates a huge opportunity for restaurant owners to effectively partner with third party services like UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, and GrubHub.

Third party service benefits

Third party services like UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, and GrubHub deliver your food to hungry, delivery-demanding customers.

But, many restaurant operators and owners see third party services as a necessary evil, rather than a partner in bettering profits, boosting sales, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Third party services offer five key benefits to restaurant owners, including:

  • Outsourcing the logistics of the delivery process
  • Outsourcing the hiring and management of delivery drivers
  • Building brand awareness
  • Growing your customer base
  • Offering more speed, convenience, and ease to consumers

Outsource the logistics of the delivery process

The first benefit of third party services is how these partners outsource the delivery and fulfillment process for restaurant owners and operators.

Rather than worry about the creation and expenses of building an in-house delivery infrastructure and delivery tracking service, third party services like UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, and GrubHub handle all of these challenges for the restaurant owner.

While restaurant owners can invest the time and resources needed to create their own delivery processes, third party services make it easier, by taking on the expensive, headache-inducing logistics of a delivery program.

Outsource delivery drivers

Additionally, third party services can serve as excellent partners to restaurant owners and operators, because these services both hire and manage all delivery drivers.

Third party services manage all aspects of delivery drivers, including:

  • Hiring drivers with a good-standing driver’s license
  • The driver’s vehicles
  • The driver’s gas
  • The driver’s insurance

Plus, many third party services offer their drivers the food storage and delivery equipment needed to ensure food arrives hot and fresh to the hungry customer.

With many smaller or new restaurants unable to afford the staff and resources needed to hire and manage reliable delivery drivers, third party services are a great option to outsource this aspect of staff management.

Build brand awareness

Another huge benefit of working with third party services like UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, and GrubHub as a restaurant owner?

Third party services help to build brand awareness. By placing your restaurant on a third party service platform, hungry orderers can explore your menu and potentially place an order.

A listing on a third party service can help drive traffic to your online menu, improve brand awareness, and build a larger, more widespread customer base.

Satisfy hungry customers

Finally, third party services can help restaurant owners satisfy their customers by creating a better delivery experience.

Third party services are beloved by consumers, because these apps help create a faster, easier, more personalized experience when ordering food online. In fact, 63% of young adults use third party delivery services to order food.

Third party services help improve the customer’s journey by making ordering convenient via an app, saving information for personalized recommendations, and by allowing customers to track and monitor their food delivery.

By increasing the ease of delivery and reducing the time spent ordering food, third party services offer a more convenient experience for the hungry consumer.

And for restaurant owners and operators, a better customer experience means increased orders, better brand loyalty, and ultimately, more revenue.

Streamline third party services

Third party services offer a wide range of benefits to restaurant owners including outsourcing the delivery process, building brand awareness, and offering consumers more speed, convenience, and ease when ordering food online.

However, while third party services are critical partners to restaurants, managing the wide variety of third party platforms can be time-consuming and confusing for busy entrepreneurs.

This is where platforms like Dash come in.

Dash helps restaurants to:

  • Quickly set up online ordering for your restaurant – no prior website needed
  • Get up and running with delivery apps (including UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, and GrubHub)
  • Manage all your orders & delivery channels in one place

Plus, Dash allows you to analyze revenue from each service so you always know how much you are making.

Third party services as partners

Third party services are here to stay, and are an essential partner to savvy restaurant owners and operators.

By outsourcing the logistics of the delivery process and creating more ease, speed, and convenience in the online food order and delivery process, third party services can help restaurant owners and operators:

  • Drive new online menu traffic
  • Expand restaurant brand awareness
  • Build a larger customer base
  • Increase sales