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Listen to your customers and learn.

Show patrons you care about their dining experience by regularly encouraging their feedback. Guest evaluations of service, food, and environment can help you retool your approach and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Welcome feedback.

Invite real-time feedback linked to specific customer orders, service, and transactions. Use customer evaluations to help identify trends with locations, staff, and products so you can adjust accordingly.

Communicate quickly, privately, & personally.

Responding to guest feedback is a proven way to increase patronage. Through Dash, you can reply quickly and privately to address frustrations and prevent negative reviews from ending up on public sites.

Incentivize feedback & patronage.

Dash helps you reward valuable customer input with digital coupons. These enhanced touchpoints show your guests they’re part of the family.

Survey the landscape.

Send quick, targeted surveys to select groups of customers. Our automated responses will let patrons know you’ve received and appreciate their input.

Drive social media engagement.

Establish rapport with a broader audience by linking satisfied customers to your social media accounts. Build a following—and with it likes, shares, and positive reviews—and boost future social media marketing and promotional efforts.

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Though normally $99/mo, early-access subscribers only pay $49/mo for the life of their account.

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