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Employee Management

Keep your staff happy and working smarter, together.

From performance and payroll, to sales history, scheduling, and shift management. Paytouch helps you simplify your staff management needs with an intuitive and comprehensive platform designed for everyone’s benefit and ease of use.

Create Employee Profiles & Permissions — Fast

See the big picture and nuance of how your employees are performing. Paytouch allows you to track everything, from basic profile information to detailed permissions and wages across all locations. Keep your peace of mind with activity logs and secure employee permissions for your POS and Dashboard.

Time Cards & Payroll

By the time you chug your coffee, you can be done with payroll. View and edit employee time cards from your dashboard, keeping close tabs on schedules, wages, and permissions. Print whatever you need, and always come away with clear insight.

Easy Scheduling & Shift Management

In minutes, you can schedule and publish your shift schedules for weeks or months in advance. You have immediate insight into the times worked across all locations, as well as time off.

Manage Tips Across All Employees

Keep your staff and finances balanced. Intelligent tip tracking and reconciling makes it simple to find what each employee made in tips or commission.

Employee Scorecards

Help your employees flourish with performance-based insights. As you begin to understand their sales, hours worked, covers, tips, and discounts like never before, you can steer the whole ship better.

Ready to Dash?

Though normally $99/mo, early-access subscribers only pay $49/mo for the life of their account.

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