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Delivery Integration

Manage all of your online orders in one app.

Your order-to-delivery workflow, streamlined. Dash integrates directly with leading online delivery systems and services to sync order activity across your kitchen and POS.

Say goodbye to tablet hell.

Dash gives you control over your customers’ delivery experience. Our unified ordering ecosystem eliminates human error — no more disjointed devices, no more extra manual labor or wasted inventory cost.

Stop losing money on every order.

Don’t let commission fees eat into your margins. Markup prices the easy way. Choose a delivery app, set a markup percentage and watch as your items on a delivery app’s website increase in price.

Smooth, express door-to-door delivery.

Maintain consistent 5-star treatment across every delivery service you use. From DoorDash, to Postmates, to UberEats and beyond, Dash works flawlessly to deliver impeccable service to every customer.

Dash makes your kitchen happy too.

Order confusion is out, and a harmonized kitchen groove is in. No matter which app your customers order from, Dash pulls it all into one smart workflow. Each order is sent to the kitchen automatically, and tracked throughout the flow of the order.

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