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Your all-in-one business headquarters.

Predict, personalize, and perfect operations across all your restaurants. From anywhere.

Automated efficiency behind every transaction.

Effortlessly manage your inventory, suppliers, customer engagement, reporting and growth — across multiple locations.

Detailed product management.

How many products are you tracking through your business at any given time? Dash can manage thousands with unparalleled specificity. Our intelligent importer ensures you have a pristine product catalog across all the locations you manage.Learn More

Insights & analytics designed for hospitality.

See the path to success clearly with predictive analytics on customer engagement, inventory, sales, and more. Clear reports designed by restaurant veterans help you act on insights that increase your bottom line.

Smarter inventory management with forecasting.

Never be under- or overstocked again. Dash lets you create and run forecasts and sales plans automatically, so you always know what supplies to order and how much.

Our intelligent forecasting engine learns from sales trends, past sales, and upcoming events to predict future sales. If you order too much stock, it automatically guides you to run promotions and sales.

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Clear order management.

Whether looking for completed, active, or adjusted orders, you can find them with a simple dashboard glance. Gain complete transparency into your orders with powerful analytics on everything from order types to average wait times.

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Gain clarity with detailed reports.

Achieve greater operational transparency with Dash end-of-day reporting. Easy to understand at a glance, end-of-day reports indicate total tables served, turnaround times, top-selling products, cost of goods, customer feedback, and individualized employee data.

Streamlined kitchen operations.

Dash feeds all the action in your kitchen into a clear, insight-rich dashboard view. Manage every order in real time, keep your staff at maximum efficiency, and never run out of essential ingredients again.

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Deep customer insights.

Get to know your customers better than ever. View their visit history in vivid detail, with action-oriented insights into their spending habits and preferences to help you create engagement campaigns.

Customizable receipts & messaging.

Digital receipts with Dash can be whatever you and your customers want them to be. Marketing and Loyalty communication is also simple to orchestrate from the platform, with deep insight into the needs and preferences of your customers.

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Though normally $99/mo, early-access subscribers only pay $49/mo for the life of their account.

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