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Customer Management

Understand your audience better.

We know how much customers matter. With a platform this proactively geared to the customer, it’s easy to deepen your relationships for lifelong loyalty.

Build detailed customer profiles.

Understand your customers like never before. Learn more about their buying preferences and patterns with each sale, then use those comprehensive profiles to improve engagement, loyalty, and promotional efforts.

Create & manage groups.

With smart customer segmentation that leverages detailed customer info, you can easily group patrons. Lunch or dinner crowd, regulars or occasionals, new or lapsed patrons—Dash does the sorting for you.

Grow your list with every sale.

Never miss a chance to capture a new customer. With Dash, you can easily collect contact information and record important customer data with every transaction.

Personalize every touchpoint.

Wow your patrons with a personal touch. Reference buying history to mindfully suggest specials, add-ons, or upsells accordingly. Thoughtfully target promotions to their past preferences and patterns.

Reports & insights that bring you closer.

Learn more about the people who matter most to your business. Track customer visits and spending, loyalty and coupon redemption, and feedback received to understand patronage and overall satisfaction.

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