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Customer Engagement

Get closer to your customers.

Dash’s all-in-one platform is engineered around customer engagement. So you can take back your time, streamline your systems, and make relationships the natural focal point of your customer experience.

Tap, swipe, reward. From your ordering system to their phone.

Toss the punch cards and embrace the connective power of real-time loyalty programs. It’s easy to set up, use, and manage our mobile-first customer loyalty system.

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Empower customers with effortless feedback.

Understand how your customers feel about your business, products, and services. With a built-in feedback system, you can easily broadcast personalized messages to your customers, get their attention and feedback, and respond to them — all from a single place on your dashboard.

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Marketing that feels more familiar.

With smart customer segmentation that leverages detailed customer info, Dash’s marketing platform helps you reach customers how and where they want to engage. Our intuitive marketing tools create seamless email conversations, and weave your promotional campaigns and loyalty interactions across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Rock your promos.

Build powerful marketing campaigns using Dash’s promotions and coupons engine. Create standard promotions, or create custom promotions complete with promo codes and redemption logic for your business. Then track your campaigns as they unfold on your dashboard.

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