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Gain a competitive advantage with never-fail insights.

Dash analytics help you maintain an accurate, comprehensive understanding of all your business metrics.

See the future with predictive analytics.

Build success quickly with critical future insights. Calibrated to your personal business needs and powered by AI, the Dash analytics engine merges vital information from 3rd-party digital services — like weather, location, and local events — with your inventory and sales data.

Know everything about your inventory.

Know your current stock value and quantity at a glance, alongside the total amount of products due for re-ordering. You can even reference your chart of top-selling products to keep you stocked and within budget.

Level up staff performance.

Understand employee performance like never before. You can always make the right staffing calls by comparing cost of labor to sales. And you gain useful insights, like who’s working most or bringing in the most money.

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Serve your customers better...

Know what your customers want, when, and how with powerful analytics and actionable insights. From their favorite products and individual spend, to their visits and loyalty status.

…and keep them engaged.

Using smart marketing features that go beyond segmentation to impart a truly human touch, your customers receive unified loyalty, promotions, and feedback touchpoints that speak to them personally.

Gain clarity with detailed reports.

Achieve greater operational transparency with Dash end-of-day reporting. Easy to understand at a glance, end-of-day reports indicate total tables served, turnaround times, top-selling products, cost of goods, customer feedback, and individualized employee data.

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Though normally $99/mo, early-access subscribers only pay $49/mo for the life of their account.

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